This Winter Knowing the danger zones is the best policy for avoiding illness….well that & washing your hands.

A recent study was done in London using an ‘ATP Luminometer’ to find out where these germs are hiding out.

Basically, the higher the reading, the more germs they found!

Supplements To Take Or Avoid?

Vitamin C (YES) It protects against cell damage and boosts your immunity, Fight your colds with 500mg four times a day. Stock your cupboard with this supplement this Christmas.

Echinacea (NO) Its benefits vary, depending on the plan parts used and the dosage. The flowers leaves and stems may shorten a cold, but you’d need huge quantities – which will cost you.

Probiotics (YES) some varieties elevate levels of antibody immunoglobin A. take well established kinds such as Lactobacillus for digestion health.

Elderberry (YES) it may be effective against colds, and a German study suggests it can inhibit influenza A and B.