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Strava is one of the most popular fitness apps currently available. The app not only records your runs and bicycle rides, but also creates a competition between you and people who travel the same routes. Strava syncs with a variety of other fitness trackers and running watches, so you don’t need to carry a phone with you to use it. Although the app (which is available for Android and iOS) offers some privacy settings, you must be willing to make some personal information public, specifically your geolocation data, to get the full Strava experience.

Pricing and Plans

Like many fitness apps, Strava is free to use where you get some basic information on your activity but does also have a premium version that gives you more advanced stats. If you’re primarily in the market for an app that records the basic data of your workouts and helps you find new places to run or bicycle, you can get by just fine with the free version. One of the best bonus feature is the Suffer Score but to get this feature you need to wear a compatible heart rate monitor. The Suffer Score is Strava’s own calculation of the difficulty of your workout, taking into account not only time and distance, but also how much effort you exert.

Strava Premium does add functionality that many running and cycling enthusiasts may want which costs £6.99 per month or £47.99 if you pay for an annual subscription upfront. If you’re a Premium member, you also get Beacon, the ability to share your location with trusted sources while you’re doing an activity. You also get the ability to create and track goals, indoor training videos, filtered leaderboards, discounts for some sports-related goods and services, plus a few other benefits.

To learn more about the premium version, you can do so HERE.

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Best for: Tracking runs and rides with a strong social element

Wildly popular among cyclists and runners, Strava is a great choice for casual milers and pros alike. It offers in-depth GPS tracking, works with a variety of GPS devices, and tracks all kinds of metrics (especially if you opt for a Summit membership). It’s also known for its popular segments feature, which shows how you stack up against other runners on the same route. Premium users also get access to Beacon, a safety option that allows three designated contacts to monitor your location while you’re out running.

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