Reflex Plant Based Protein

Plant protein to support muscle recovery
21g of plant protein per serving with all 9 essential amino acids, no soya protein, compostable packaging



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  • Taste - 80%
  • Effectiveness - 90%
  • Value - 90%


Having tried quite a few vegan proteins this one in the cacoa & caramel is fantastic! It mixes well and doesn’t have a nasty aftertaste like some do. It will help with your recovery and even though it’s 100 calories it does fill you up. It comes with a compostable pouch with a recyclable scoop which is also great. Plus, no more big tubs taking up space in the kitchen!

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  • Great tasting Vegan protein
  • Mixes really easily
  • Low calorie so great if you are on a diet
  • Packaging is all compostable


  • Doesn’t taste as good as other ‘non vegan’ products


Plant-Based Vegan Protein is our best-tasting, highest-quality plant protein to date. It’s 21g of protein per serving made from a blend of three plant protein sources including peas, brown rice and organic pumpkin seeds that contain all 9 essential amino acids. The perfect protein partner for every VEGAN.

Plant-Based Vegan Protein has vitamin B12 built in giving you 300% of your daily recommended amount. B12 is traditionally harder to find in non-animal-based produce and it’s essential for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal functioning of the immune system. We’ve ensured that there’s the right amount of B12 so that your body can absorb what it needs.

Plant-Based Vegan Protein is made using only natural flavours. It’s low in sugar and contains digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria as these are known to help break down the foods that you consume.

The packaging used for Plant-Based Protein is fully compostable. Even the flavour sticker! The pouch can be thrown away in your compost bin. The scoop is also recyclable and made from recycled plastic.

Suitable for VEGAN’S and vegetarians. Manufactured on an INFORMED SPORT registered facility. Made on a Halal certified site.

Plant-Based Protein can be consumed at any time throughout the day. However, it’s ideal before or after a workout. To be used as part of an active and healthy lifestyle.

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