Men’s 8 Week Gym Get Lean Workout Plan


Key Features

  • 24 Hour email support throughout the plan
  • Perfect for Men who want to burn body fat
  • Hand drawn Illustrations for every exercise
  • This plan was specifically developed to make you build as much lean muscle as possible whilst burning body fat
  • Videos demonstrations of every exercise embedded
  • User friendly and easy to follow

What Is The YFT 8 Week Get Lean Plan?

The YFT Get Lean Plan is an approach to fat loss written for advanced athletes but scalable to any level, even beginners! Each phase builds on the training of the previous weeks, sparking a fat burning inferno. We increase the intensity by modulating rest periods while continuously adding multiple muscle groups. We then add HIIT into the plan to really melt that body fat away!

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Who Is The YFT Get Lean Plan For?

Overweight To In-Shape

Beginners are sometimes limited by their abilities and forced to do boring workouts that leave them disinterested, which ultimately leads to failure. With the YFT Get Lean Plan you’ll be doing the same exact workouts as fitness models with weights you feel comfortable with, allowing you to scale the workout to your own abilities. With the plan fully illustrated and embedded videos you no longer need to feel intimidated about getting the correct technique as you will be fully equipped with everything you need to smash every workout.

Lean To Shredded

Whether you’re looking to go from sub 10% body fat down to even lower single digits or you simply want to see what you’re made of, the YFT Get Lean Plan will challenge even the most seasoned athletes. Up for the challenge?

24 Hour Email Support

We recognise that our customers probably don’t want to pay the extortionate prices for personal trainers but may have some questions in relation to their own fitness goals or our plans.

Therefore we have decided to offer anyone who buys one of our plans, access to a free fitness adviser via 24 hour email support for the duration of the plan. This means that they can openly ask us any fitness related questions and get a response within….hours!


Because if you don’t know how to train to get the results you want, you will spent years of your life learning what we can teach you in one of our plans. By the time you try to learn all this by yourself you will probably give up or never reach your full potential.


If you are new to fitness or struggling with a plateau and want to reach your fitness goals without the big fees of a personal trainer? Then absolutely YES!

Get Lean Workout Plan Money Back Guarantee


We so strongly believe that the all of our plans will revolutionize your fitness goals, just like it has countless other people around the world. That we are willing to give you a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee.

We guarantee you that all of our plans will take your fitness to a level it has never been before. This will shave years off life’s painful learning curve and help you reach your goals much faster than normal. We also guarantee that this program will take your training to the next level.

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