Motivation booster

For those who are just starting out, joining a gym or a sports club can be an intimidating experience, and anything that can put you in the right mindset to not give up your new fitness goals is more than welcome.

This is where sportswear steps in to save the day, because research has shown that just wearing the right clothes ups your motivation significantly, endorsing the right frame of mind to prevent abandoning your goals and give you more confidence.

The notion is also known as “enclothed cognition” and it’s not limited to sports gear, but shows just how powerful your dress code can be in any aspect of your life when you choose well.

When you put on your shorts, lifting belt and smear some chalk on your palms, even if you’re a novice lifter, you’re bound to feel the adrenaline surge and the raw might behind every PR ever achieved. Stick with it, and you’ll always have the guts to leave your fitness comfort zone.

More comfort and better mobility

Nobody can focus on performing well when there’s a piece of fabric stuck where the sun don’t shine or completely slides off your rear in the middle of the gym to uncover your favourite pair of Santa Clause boxer shorts. Or, perhaps even worse, if your clothes are so tight that you cannot move a muscle, let alone do a pull-up.

Designed with specific, stretchy but body-adaptive fabrics, fitness clothes are meant to give you the perfect range of motion without being too tight or loose to affect comfort and visibility. Even versed athletes always keep an eye on how they perform certain movements, and proper apparel gives them the ability to see exactly how their body behaves.

comfortable  workout clothes

Injury prevention

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of sportswear, increased safety and protection during training is what makes fitness clothes a must-have for both newbies and veterans alike in any sport.

Thanks to technological advancements, we now have access to clothes with cooling or heating properties, to help you overcome the elements if you train outdoors, and the same goes for water-proof and tear-resistant gear.

Durability paired with form-fitting in making sport-specific shoes, breathable clothes and protective gear equal greater safety in any sport you choose.

That is why modern brands such as Ryderwear place a great emphasis on providing equipment and outfits that focus on safe performance and preventing injuries years into your lifting career.

Sweat and friction-free workouts

Breathability and no physical restraints in movement are also some of the key reasons behind wearing fitness clothes, so when Nike came out with their dri-fit tech, it’s no wonder people all over the globe switched to using their lightweight fabrics instead of the traditional cotton blends.

Now we have many other brands following suit and making equally breathable and moisture-wicking fitness clothes, making them a staple of sportswear across the globe.

When you wear a garment made in this manner, you no longer have to worry about sweaty patches, or that uncomfortable wet feeling when you cool down.

And more importantly, these clothes are made to move with you, to prevent chafing, callouses, and skin irritation that can often be a result of wearing the wrong apparel.

Sweat and friction-free workout clothes

Improved recovery

Although we’re all somewhat addicted to the tightness and burn following an intense training session, it can at times become overwhelming and cause you to underperform the next day due to extreme muscle soreness.

The muscle tears and lactic-acid build-up are normal by-products of training, but they can prolong your recovery and limit your performance in the rest of your week’s training sessions.

And so, the world came up with compression clothing, designed to boost your blood flow, pump more oxygen into your body and provide muscle and joint support during training that also mean fewer injuries and easier recovery.

Depending on your activity of choice, as well as your devotion to it, you will appreciate having a durable clothing item in your gym bag to rely on, for greater confidence, better performance and improved safety.

Plus, they really do bring out your frame and help you envision your desired physique. And hell, why not look good on your way to looking and feeling even better?