How a ‘Deload Week’ can help your training

Feeling a little tired are we? We bet! Maintaining that summer body can really take it out of anyone, regardless of who you are. With the days getting shorted and the nights growing longer, this could be the right time to ease off on your training a little.

‘Deloading, involves reducing the volume and intensity of your training to support repair and recovery.

Without getting the correct amount of rest your body starts to become less efficient and you’ll stop seeing results.

Even if your muscles feel okay, heavy lifting takes its toll on the central nervous system (CNS), responsible for multiple functions within your body. If your CNS is fried, you’ll feel lethargic and struggle to focus in your day to day life.

A good habit would be to schedule a ‘Deload Week’ every fifth week in your training plan. You may want to time yours in line with the festive season because combining both boozy late nights with strenuous training is a first-class ticket to burnout!

If you’re unsure how to lighten up without grinding to a halt then check out our tips below;

·         Note:- A Deload week isn’t an excuse to be lazy. Follow the YFT steps to earn results from your repose.

·         Tip 1:- Drop Down – Take 50% off the loads and volume that you’d usually lift during a standard training week

·         Tip 2:- Take It Easy – Ditch high intensity training for steady state cardio, aiming for 70% of your maximum heart rate.

·         Tip 3:- Try New Things – Use this week to practice new skills or new exercises.