Let’s face it, no one wants to be average. Average is so boring and doesn’t get to enjoy the finer things in life.Only about 2% of people enjoy the finer things in life.

The other 98% are stuck at an average or mediocre level or worse. Why is that? It’s because people think they can keep doing the same things and get different results.If you want to know how to be above average, you have to think about what above average people do.

Average people let their excuses get in the way and they stay in their comfort zone where they keep doing the same things as the other people around them do and then they wonder why they get average results.

Let’s say you were trying to get in the best shape of your life. Would an average person eat that piece of chocolate cake for dessert? Yes they probably would.

Just keep this in mind… Every action you take throughout the day moves you closer or further away from your goals.


Simon – YFT

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